Dry fruits wholesale market

Dry fruits wholesale market

Khari babli delhi 


India’s biggest dry fruit and Spices wholesale  is Khari bawli delhi. This market is very near to Sadar Bazar and Lahori Gate.  All types of dry fruits and spice  you can buy from this market in best price.



People from the world not only from India comes here to purchase dry fruits in cheap rate. This market is very crowded  throughout the year. People who want to start their food business and Spice business, comes to this market for wholesale shopping.



Khari babli is also known as biggest grocery wholesale market . All types of grocery, dry fruits and Spice you can get from this market in wholesale rate. There are so many  wholesalers who supply throughout the India also Abroad. They export product  and import from other country.


All types of dry fruits  you  can buy for self use also. This market is best place in india for wholesale shopping of festival item also. It’s located in old delhi and nearest railway station and metro 🚉 station is New delhi.



Best time to buy dry fruits is one month before Festival. If you are staying far away from delhi, you can book by without coming here also online. Watch live photos of Khari babli on my YouTube channel Delhi NCR . This will be really helpful for you.



Market of pichkari ,colour and gulal is located infront of Bharatuti chownk that is main market sadar bazar. Always keep in mind that there are ss many agent(dalal) infront of market keeps on waiting for customer. Please don’t follow them, no need to go behind them.

Holy business is best seasonal business. Even if you are working somewhere in private or in government sector, you must try this business.


Student, housewives, divyang any body can try this business and make good amount of money.

Holi is the best and if we talked about part time business this is the best business through which you can earn a lot of money you can sell colour Gulal Watergirl and cats also multicolor mass are also available in this market.


You can keep that also and your shop and the profit is more than 70% . I think this the best deal if you are planning to do something if you don’t have much money.


Business or some seasonal business like Rakhi Holi and you can make very good amount of money again you can start your own business full year business with the same amount that you made into seasonal business you can support your family you can help you relatives and the best thing that you can build yourself you can be dependent .


You are planning that you will get one job and then you will earn money. This will take out time and there is no any limitation of that also.


Best thing is start doing business that is there best area and earn money as much as you want.


If you talk about the Pichkari or water ground Sadar Bazar is the best place where you can get lot of variety and the starting range is only 2 Rupees so this the best place you can buy Gulal here @ kilo and the color also @ kilo and you can make small small packet and you can sell it off so do this you can make very good amount of money and even this is a family business .


Whole family can support you to make a small package you can water balloon he is the best way to home you can sell it out and you can get very good amount of money. You can make a small small packet of balloon 10 20 20 20 and cancel it out so I think it’s a good deal.


Seasonal business always try to treat you will get free would a lot of money through this business so many people are making money so why don’t you.


You can also make money don’t get hesitate don’t run behind the people don’t think about someone else what we are doing ok what he is saying about you. Just think yourself and do but you are you will be successful for sure.


Market Address

Khari babli

Grocery market

Delhi -06

Near- Lahori gate Delhi




Market closed on Sunday

Nearest railway station-

New delhi

Nearest metro 🚉 station

New Delhi


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