Sandle and sleeper market

Sandle and sleeper market

Chappal market

Inderlok market is the best market to buy chhapal in wholesale price. Here you can get a lot of variety of slippers. The starting  from 2 Rupees 4 rupees 5 rupees 8 rupees 10 rupees 20 rupees.


I mean to say the minimum cost slipper is available in this market. This market  is very near to Inderlok metro station and market closes on Sunday. You can buy a lot of good stuff and low quality is also available in this market.


Almost all brands sleeper and shoes are available in this market. Please don’t visit here for retail, it’s fully wholesale market and price may differ from quality to quality. There are so many shops. More than 200 shops are there, you can visit there you can talk to people you can also bargain, sometime they bargain also,so it’s better to go at least 4 – 5 Shop then purchase item ,that is the best thing that you can do.


About Manufacturer

Most of the manufacturer are in industrial area Babana and Narela . If  you want to get manufactured direct from factory, you can order minimum 200 pieces.Almost all types of quality are available here and they made it for you.


The best and the cheapest way get the slipper and sandal ,buy direct from manufacturer. You can get print your name over the product also. From factory product will be more cheaper than the whole sale market. All the wholesaler who is in this market, they also get manufactured their product  from the same factory and they put their own name and this.Minimum rate slipper and sandal that is available here for 12 rupees 15 rupees . If you directly by from factory the cost will be more cheaper and the transport facility all over the India is available here. So you can book and place your order .

About Transportation

If you have GST then its ok,if you don’t have the GST even then there is no problem . You can get GST bill without GST number also. You will have to pay for that. One most important thing that you should know,if you are going in the whole sale market be aware from the dalal.  People who is agent running in the market they will come to you they will give you their card, so ignore them . Don’t go behind them otherwise you will be cheated, because they all are agent.


They get their commission from there .Best way to buy the product is visit  direct to the wholesale shop , talk to them even some time you can bargain . You can negotiate if you are purchasing in large quantity you will get more discount.

Visit 4- 5 different shop so, that you can get the proper idea of the rate and  variety.

If you want to buy in cheap rate, this is the best way.  You can order the product you can get the bill and the Merchandise will we reach to your destination.


I think this is the best business that you can do in less amount. Even if you have 10,000 rupees or 15,000 rupees. You can start this business . There is no expiry there is nothing like that .


The nearest metro station is Inderlok and the nearest railway station is Sarai Rohilla Delhi. Purani Delhi and  New Delhi station is also near to this market ,you can take the metro to come here .You can take a rickshaw also or you can walk on foot . Maximum 5 minute it will take to come in this market and you can buy very good and very cheap sleeper from here. Even shoes and sandals are available for girls ladies and kids.


you can buy raw material also for sleeper making.

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